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Shooting Outside for VR Purposes679

BradRogersOrlando private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone!

I've had a matterport camera for a few months now and have completed about 10 scans of different homes. All of the homes that I shoot have a private pool. I've heard that its best to scan early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isn't so bright. (I'm in Florida) We recently converted three scans into the gear VR and are extremely happy with the results. Does the sun only affect scans as related to the "doll house" view? If i'm not really in need of the dollhouse view. (for VR purposes) Could I scan the inside then go out the front door and continue outside to the driveway, yard ect.?
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Best to scan in the late afternoon.

Scan inside first (at least some scans inside) and then go outside when the conditions are good.
The sun will mess with the dollhouse/2d view, and also your ability to align with the next scan. Walking through is the same as a normal camera, however you will not be able to go far if the sun is there.

So basically, do it when the sun has gone down, or when there is heavy cloud. It's a best guess and a trial thing. If you can see good scan data on the mini map then you should be ok. Look for black parts.

Could you share the vr models on here for everyone to see?
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Our most recent Matterport VR Showcase Beta included three out-door terraces for a luxury boutique hotel in New York City.

While the VR conversion was a successful, the Matterport VR team let me know that they did need to do some clean-up the outdoor mesh to make the VR look great.

[Typically, as long as the Matterport camera does not see the sun, you will be okay shooting outdoors.]

That said, always (try) to do the outdoors last, just in case.

We Get Around Associate Photographer and Architect @YairYepez did this house in Atlanta where the outdoor gardens is a big selling point to a potential buyer. Yair timed his shoot knowing where and when the sun set.

We did not convert this one to Matterport VR ...


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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
This is a space we did and it was only done outside, I did it at sunrise. The space is a common area for residents.

Shade and walls are your friends, no inside scans here. But like everybody has said if I am doing an interior space with an exterior area I plan it out, but definitely do a few inside then move to the outside at he right time.
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