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Can't get through the door663

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Did a scan yesterday and it turned out pretty good. Only problem is i can't get through the front door. I scanned it from both sides and the camera was fine with the alignment. I can get right up to the door from either side but then it stops. I have not had the problem before. This is a 2 story open area at the door with glass above and to the left of the front door which i marked but left the door area unmarked. Would marking to close to door affect being able to go through? Appreciate the input on the issue and anything else you may notice. Always learning.

Tom Rasch
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Sorry about that. Pasted the wrong URL in first post. Try this one.

Tom Rasch
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Hi Tom. Marking often goes through floors so avoid marking on top of a door if you want to go through it.

I would also zoom right in to ensure you do not have marking close to the outside.

When I scan outside I trim a natural line around the outside so you have nice clean lines (usually a square).

I hope this helps.

If this doesn't work email support@matterport.com. They are usually very helpful with fixing issues like this.

Have a great day.
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Thanks Jesse,
That is exactly what I did. I left the opening for the door on the first floor but on the second floor I marked the windows across the whole wall as they appear. Obviously it did take it all the way down to the first floor. Made the change, re-uploaded and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your time and expertise.

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