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Matterport and Google Street View Examples5984

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Here are Matterport-provided side-by-side examples of Matterport and the same Matterport Spaces 3D Tour published to Google Street View.

What do you think?

Happy holidays,


Matterport 3D Tour and the same Matterport 3D Tour published to Google Street View

Matterport 3D Tour and the same Matterport 3D Tour published to Google Street View

Matterport 3D Tour
Matterport 3D Tour and the same Matterport 3D Tour published to Google Street View
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
A quick analysis --

#1) Matterport is making wildly too many connections.

@Alin from GoThru recently posted on his Facebook page that Google fully intends to kill navigation by arrows and move fully to 'pancake navigation' -- which means that this is OK if Google transitions soon

Pancake navigation uses 'X' marks on the floor and allows freedom of movement. The problem is, it's less intuitive than arrow navigation and the X is never accurately placed.

#2) Matterport is NOT attaching CIDs to any of the tours.

Note that none of these 3 tours have the name of the business/map location above the name of the Local Guides Account. This is obviously a mistake on their part and hopefully a bug that entered into the system AFTER they had already had this working for a long time. I can imagine there being a tiny typo in their javascript code that entered at the last minute that slipped by after testing was done.

#3) Image Quality / Resolution looks fantastic.

Each scene loads quickly, which indicates that Matterport are doing a great job on optimization. Some of the tours above were shot with a Pro-1, some with a Pro-2. You can tell the difference if you are trying to. Otherwise, they both look great.


As a note, I am fortunate enough to have been asked to be on the initial BETA. I'm thrilled that it has been publically announced so that I can speak freely about my experiences.

Today, I published several tours. The process was beyond simple and was visually very intuitive. I was able to publish a tour in 3 simple steps.

I simply click on Publish to GSV and ...

Step 1 - Position the tour on Google Maps.

Using the address information already inputted into my Matterport Space, I'm presented with a map with my location and a drag and drop interface for placing my tour. The tour is visualized as the actual floorplan view, which is quite charming. The only controls are to drag, drop and rotate. At first I wanted to figure out how to resize, and it then it hit me. There's no need. It's already correcly sized as Matterport understands dimensions in space!

Check it out -- a floorplan on a map. It's that simple.

Step 2 - Authenticate!

Next, I select which Google account I want to post to! I can add multiple accounts so that I have the option to publish on behalf of someone else. It appears that I can invite a client as a collaborator so that they can authenticate and then I can post on their behalf. Thats's a welcome surprise that I can imagine coming in handy!

Step 3 - Review and upload

Well, that was simple.

Step 4 - Wait

It took 15-20 minutes before I received a successful publishing e-mail. At that point, I was able to click the link in the e-mail and immediately see a single pano on Google. Connections took several hours to appear. This is on Google's side and this is normal. It takes their little servers a bit of time to work as hard as they know how. I sometimes feel bad and feel like donating some used computers to Google to help them out. They seem to be struggling.


So did it work?

Yeah, it did. But there are some kinks. First, as mentioned, my tour didn't appear attached to the business. That's bad. That's easy to fix. Again, I imagine that Matterport have had that working perfectly and that a last minute change to one thing broke that after Matterport GSV had already been cleared for BETA.

What else? I successfully posted several tours and successfully removed them too. I noticed that some of my 360 Views published as well ... that was kinda weird since they weren't linked.

Other than a few minor bugs, the platform seems ready to launch. Given how close we are to Christmas, I imagine Matterport wanting to allow us to test this so that the public beta can launch early early in the new year.


And what did I think?

I absolutely loved placing my photographic floorplan on Google Maps. It felt SOOO right. It was much better than awkwardly dragging around a constellation that looks like a flowchart. This is the sort of thing that only Matterport can pull off simply because of how the platform works.

I felt that the published product was perfect. I was shocked that multi-level WORKED. I had heard rumblings that we would only get to post single floors -- and in the Google SV community, there had been multiple times that multi-level stopped working or behaved badly -- so I was a bit worried. Nope, multi-level automatically worked. Totally awesome.

Basically, Matterport just delivered the simplest, most accurate way to post tours to Google Street View. It just has a few minor kinks before it's ready for prime time.
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
Great analysis @Metroplex360
I am wondering how the start location is determined with GSV? Does it use the starting point that you choose for the Matterport model? Does it choose your first scan? or can you choose your start point within GSV?
I'm just wondering how that works as you mentioned multi level is possible so if you started your scan in the basement you probably would not want the GSV to start there.
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for the detailed notes. Glad that you got to be one of the beta testers. Exciting.

Can you post a screen grab showing the attribution? For clarification, does it say Matterport or Metroplex 360 and does it include the business name?

Happy holidays,

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