Hi All,

This is an easy solution for branding 360º photos and video shot with a Ricoh Theta camera from 360 Niagra in the Shapeways Store. This is an an example 360º Photo using this Ricoh Theta Nadir Plate.

And, it makes the tripod go away!




Brand your Ricoh Theta S panorama straight out of the camera
Protect the lens from an upset

This plate makes a nice round shape in the Theta panorama, and hides hides tripod parts. It also protects the lens in the case of a fall. Clearance holes allow connecting USB and HDMI cables when mounted on the appropriate monopod or standoff

You can print a label with your own graphics, black graphics works best if there are harsh shadows.
Just email me proof of purchase.I will supply a TIFF or PSD file for generating your own logo.
See examples of Ricoh Theta nadir plate in action.

Source: 360 Niagra Shapeways Store