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My First Scan497

seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
I'm excited about my first scan. Please have a look and let me get your thoughts.

A few things issues I ran into:
How do you shoot a jack and jill bathroom where the toilet are directly across from one another, no mirror. I had to open both doors which then obscured most of the toilet. Tried with doors closed and the scans wouldn't align. You will see what I am talking about in the upstairs bath.
In the dollhouse view you will see that the first arch isn't showing. Any ideas why?
What is the process for a pantry, when the door is open, because of an arched entry it will not rest against the wall. Only opens about 150 degrees. Do you shoot with door closed right in front and then with door open in almost the same spot?
Thanks guys.
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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
I don't see any problems with the Jack 'n' Jill bath; you did just fine. Don't worry about hiding the toilet or part of it. People will figure out that there's one somewhere in the bathroom.

I didn't see the pantry you were talking about, but maybe I just wasn't looking. I try not to do the door open/closed thing too much, because you can wind up with a hot spot that shows the door open, but you can't move through it. If I have a door I have to get through, but that will block a hallway, I open it halfway. It takes a couple of extra scans to get around it, but that's what works.
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Lbelland private msg quote post Address this user
IN the master bath I would have taken the first scan in the middle of the door or slightly inside the bathroom (you want to make sure it aligns with the previous scan in the bedroom) and then place it just past the mirror so you avoid having the scanner in the mirror.

The J&J bath looked good to me.

Good job!

On another note I just received a notice from Matterport about the accelerated views but I didn't notice it in your scan.
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RealEstateReadines private msg quote post Address this user
Sometimes you just need to make that judgement call if a closet/pantry/storage/garage/powder room should be shown. Anytime you open and close a door you are asking for problems with your scans. I am sure all of us have tried it and thought we got away with it to only find out later the navigation gets screwed up.
As a Realtor, I think this camera is great because it does a phenomenal job showing the house for what it is both good and bad. On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with leaving a little hidden mystery to potential buyers. A large walk-in closet might have too many personal items to show well on a scan. However, a potential buyer seeing that the closet is bigger than they imagined is usually a plus. I had a large 6500 sq ft home that I did not capture a third of the lower level. I deemed their work and personal effects in that area were not in the best interest of the home owner to share. The room would be a blank slate to any potential buyer and it turned out to be a huge bonus to the buyers that made an offer when they saw it live.
After all of that rambling, it is ok to leave some surprises for the buyers. You won't know how the scan turns out until hours after you leave the property. It is not worth gambling a bad tour to capture a toilet or pantry.
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objekt360 private msg quote post Address this user
While the post provided by RealEstateReadines is correct, i would like to point out that using the unity application in the workshop, you can easily remove the scans that may have turned out excessive or unnessesary.

My tip is to photograph as much as possible, then when the modell has been rendered you can easily edit it to fit the needs of your client / the best experience.
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seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the thoughts and advice.

@JohnBecker I didn't scan the J&J the way I had envisioned but I can see how we could drive ourselves crazy trying to make this perfect. The pantry I left alone as well because of the door situation. Further experimentation could be useful but like @RealEstateReadines says, keep some mystery in the home.

@Lbelland it's funny but I was trying to scan in the middle of the master bath doorway, but I could not get it to align.

@Lbelland what is an accelerated scan?

@objekt360 I like that idea as well to scan more and then filter later.
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