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Emergency Check List: Matterport Capture App4713

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Imagine that you are scanning on the weekend. The Matterport Capture keeps crashing or scans keep failing. Matterport Support is closed. Now what?

Here's an Emergency Check List - Print and Place in Your Gear Bag – that might help save-the-day:

1. Post to the We Get Around Network Forum – include in the subject line, something like: Urgent. Scans failing. Help Please. Generally, 24/7, one or more Members will respond
2. Post to the same topic, video or screen grabs of the mini-map. Include all floors.
3. Call Matterport Support. They say they will call you within the hour. Get that hour started ASAP (650-641-2241 For Support, Select Option 9. For Urgent Support (mailbox), Select Options 4)
4. Open a Matterport Support Ticket
5. Search Matterport FAQs
6. Search Matterport Getting Started FAQs
7. Sunlight – if the Camera sees sunlight, you may bet a scanning error (or worst, the scan gets placed in the wrong place)
8. Clouds – Clouds do NOT block the sun. If the Camera sees sunlight, you may get a scanning error (or worst, the scans get placed in the wrong place.)
9. Mirrors and Windows – try trimming before you scan
10. Scan Closer to previous scan
11. Scan Between Two Successful Scans – and they continue
12. Do NOT delete the Matterport Capture app – you WILL delete ALL your Matterport Spaces
13. iPad Full? – Have you maxed out the data on your iPad? Nearly full?
14. Level – Are you using a level on ALL your scans? Imagine if you start out crooked, the problem continues to get worst. (Use a level on EVERY scan.)
15. New Space – See if you experience the problem with a new model. Do three scans. That might help trouble-shoot
16. Duplicate the Model – and then delete some of the scans. That might help trouble-shoot
17. Shoot a 360º View – view and see if you see sunlight
18. Restart – Have you restarting the Camera and iPad?
19. Scan Number? – If you 175 or more scans and have an older iPad, that might be a challenge
20. Start Over – Is staring over an option?

Got more tips to share? Please post below ...



P.S. I hope you never have to use this list, but just in case ...

P.P.S. This list is from Dan's Tip of the Week (#18). Join the free We Get Around Network so that you receive weekly tips like this ...
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PedroAvilez private msg quote post Address this user
Always usefull ! Thank you.
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BrianAshley private msg quote post Address this user

That is a great list and it's going in my bag in 5 minutes.

Here is leveling solution that ALWAYS works, rarely takes more than one try to confirm. Carry a golf ball with you. The divots are enough to keep it stable UNLESS you are leaning too much in any one direction. It will be obvious which leg(s) to adjust. Never have to do it more than two tries to be totally level. I have literally left it on top and scanned. If ball stays on camera thru full 360, you know you're good.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Anything to add to this emergency check list?

Have you placed a copy paste n your Matterport Camera bag?

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

In the last three years, I have seen WGAN Forum posts like these (below) just a few times. This error messages always resulted in Matterport replacing the Camera.

Matterport Camera indicates Hardware Error
Matterport Hardware Sensor error - help!
Matterport Pro2 "Wifi Fault" Error

My impression is that each time a Pro had this problem, Matterport worked quickly to replace the Camera. Given that Matterport is willing to replace your Camera, that seems to be the path to take. It's likely that they want the failed Camera to determine what is causing this problem.

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