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3D ShowcaseDoorNewbieproblem

Trouble with doors [HELP]4675

mikerodin private msg quote post Address this user
MP newbie here.
Often when I look at other MP spaces - while i'm navigating around the space a door will look (mostly) closed - then when I move closer it will 'open'.

How is this done?
Yesterday while scanning I tried this
1. scan area with door closed ( completely)
2. scan again with door open.
I kept getting alignment area and had to scrap the idea.

Im sure this is answered in a thread somewhere already - couldn't find it.

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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
Kinda hard to tell you how to fix what I can't see but after a year of this I am getting that part down.
1. Shoot the door closed from a little further away, then if you have a corner to come around from that is close to the door go to that corner and now shoot with the door open and it gives the camera a fresh new point to scan and look at.
2. You do NOT have to shoot in any one way meaning you can move around as long as the camera can still see any of it's last position.
3. You can also shoot it closed and then come back to it and delete that scan with the door closed and reshoot it with the door open now.

Good Luck... Douglas
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MarcelloM private msg quote post Address this user
Just try to shoot a few scans (2-3)- before to enter - with the door open and enter; finish the scan inside.
Then go out, close the door and continue to scan the area beginning away (2 meters) from the first scan you did when the door was open in order to make the door (open or closet) "insignificant" for the alignment respect to all the environment scanned.
Here an example that worked with no problem:

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3rd Party
mp2fp private msg quote post Address this user
@mikerodin It´s hit an miss if it works, scanning with doors open/closed can lead to not being able to navigate through the opening as there is residue from the mesh blocking it. Always scan with doors open if you can.

If you need to scan with doors closed, move 6-9 ft away from the door before opening it and gradually move closer.
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mikerodin private msg quote post Address this user
@mp2fp @MarcelloM @DouglasMeyers
Thanks for the help!
Appreciate it.
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kellysuesharp private msg quote post Address this user
If you shoot with the door open and then closed and it messes up and won't let you navigate back thru the door (which happened to us), here is the cut and paste from tech support on how to fix it:

Fortunately there is a trick to fixing this that you can use in the Capture app:

Return to the Capture app, open the space up, place 2 Trim Markings on either side of this door frame, Arrows facing one another, then reupload the space. You'll have to redeploy all of the edits you made in Workshop, but the Markings set in this manner will eliminate the mesh trapped between them and allow you to navigate into the patio space .
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