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Newbie - Changing the start point in VR4628

BobbyG private msg quote post Address this user

Two Questions:

My first scan in a model is a basement room.
It is the start point in vr, but I don't want this.

My start point for the regular tour is the front door
which was 15 scans later. I chose this point in workshop editor.

How can we change start point for the headset?
Sorry if this is a newbie question.

And I'm missing a walk through point. I get trapped.

Suggestions welcome and thanks!
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Networker private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Bobby,

Changing the start point should be a simple as updating the starting point in the workshop. On the getting stuck, be sure that a window marker has not been placed (or extended) over a doorway. If so, you can see the scan point, but you get bounced back when you try to access it. Or, you have placed a scan point out of the line of sight of a previous scan.

Also, it helps to place a link to the tour in your post as it helps us to diagnose the issue better. Hope this helps.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

You know you have a scan point but cannot pass through the door?

You can go into workshop and use the pull down menu to enter mesh mode. You can usually find the source of the problem.

Look into the capture app and make sure everything is marked correctly. It could be the door is marked as window, mirror in another area not marked properly.

Or do the easy way, in capture app, use the trim tool. First make a copy of model so you have original data still there. Put a trim line on each side of doorway with the arrows facing each other. You will have to re upload the model. This is the way I fix the problem.

I would like to see the tour also to correctly diagnose the problem but for what you described, I answered from my experience. It usually happens when you scan outside and try to go back inside.
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