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Matteport VR model featuring live chatbot4576

Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
As we love R&D, we did a new little experiment. The video below is a proof of concept demonstrating how a Matterport OBJ mesh can be imported into Unity3D to create an environment that facilitates speech conversations with a chatbot. Because this is just a demo, we didn't do the extra effort to clean up the model (@dannybasting is the expert there!).

The program uses the Watson SDK to turn speech into text and that text is then routed through to return the correct response.

And the original 3D tour is:

Credits to our developer Kathleen Kamali to get this working.
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GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
That is really cool.... Boy the places that this is going. Thank you for sharing.
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Naz private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome ..
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DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
Great job!

I've looked in to speech recognition myself briefly a while ago. While it seemed pretty straight forward to integrate it, I had to put it on hold though due to a lack of time.

Saying "change flooring material" for example, and have a material palette pop up in front of you in VR would be a great addition.

I may have to dive back in to it after reading your post, thanks for sharing

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