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How much for hosting 300+ Matterport Spaces?4365

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of the Forum writes ...

(Do you know the answer? How do you handle this? We Get Around Atlanta keeps our Matterport Spaces hosted at just under 300 to avoid an additional Matterport hosting charge.)



Hello Dan,

Hope you have been well.

I am going to make the assumption you have well over 300 scans completed and possibly hosted through Matterport. Internally my partner and I are debating whether or not it's worth trying to stay under this number to avoid additional hosting fees. However, we like holding the title as #1 provider in the area and having proof via WP3D Models and showing off all of our hosted models.

We currently have 308 hosted models. I waited to see what happened after we went past 300 to see if Matterport even enforced their business plan limits, but was also concerned about them deleting models or preventing new uploads if they caught on, so I got in contact with [redacted] on their support team and asked what an additional block of 100 models would be.

She had to get with her managers and took a while to get back (a sign that maybe they rarely have this question come up). [redacted] came back with an extra $40 per month for up to an additional 100 hosted models, but I was annoyed that there was no break on processing fees like there are in the typical plans. [redacted] asked me to get with [redacted], our regional sales director, to work something out. Apparently there's room for negotiation!

Just curious what your input is on this and what kind of deal you worked out with Matterport if you happen to have kept over 300 hosted models on your account.

Thank you,

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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
$40 more per month isn't bad. I agree that it would be nice to enter a higher tiere with a break on processing fees (like 15 processed for $100 more).

My plan is to spin off my largest client to their own account once I hit 300 and to let them pay. That will bring my account back down quite a bit.
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Instead of just paying $40 for the additional hosting, I would open another account and get the benefit of the additional hosting and model processing.
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
I was told by support some time ago that it was a minimal amount. Like .60 per month for each model over. He was vague and said it would be around $6 per year. I too delete models that are old listings and not very showy to stay under 300.
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