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Mixing Point Clouds & Desing Spaces into One4303

Ramblinman private msg quote post Address this user
Looking for some insight or direction on this. We have been approached by a design firm who wants to mix the point clouds produced by Matterport and combined them with 3D design data.

The plan is for us to scan a space that will be renovated and produce a point cloud. The Architect will design all the changes to the renovated area and then provide the design data to us. They want us to mix the 2 data files together so they can show clients what the space will look like before construction. This will allow changes to be made prior to construction and help reduce construction costs.

So anyone do this yet? or point us in the direction of a 3rd party that provides with service?

Thanks guys!
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neeravbm private msg quote post Address this user
Why do you need to mix the two formats? From what I understand, you need to provide the OBJ file or point cloud from Matterport scan to the architect. The architect will design a 3D model based on this. Now there are plenty of options to visualize this 3D model in browser or VR. This final visualization doesn't need to be merged with the Matterport scan, right?

See what @DannyBasting has done: http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/2986/page/1/matterport-scan-to-game-engine/
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@Ramblinman Could you provide the Point Clouds and Desing Spaces files? I would like to try.
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3rd Party
DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
@neeravbm Thanks for the honorable mention

@Ramblinman I also did a proof of concept that could merge current state with new. Sadly Matterport's ToS currently won't allow the extraction of panorama's.

So for now you'd need to create the panorama's with different equipment to do something like that.

Let's hope Matterport will allow for panorama extraction in the near furture.
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Ramblinman private msg quote post Address this user

We plan on scanning the property later this week. Once we have the Design files and 3D tour we'll send it your way to try.

@neeravbm, we are familiar with @DannyBasting talents! We had hoped he could work some magic!!What we hope to achieve is to have a 3D tour but showing what the renovated space will look like prior to construction. We'll keep searching and playing until we or someone comes up with something we can work with!

Cheers Thanks all!
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3rd Party
DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
@Ramblinman Thank you for your kind words.

Seems like I forgot to link to the thread I mentioned. Perhaps it can be helpfull for you in some way. So here it is.

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NicolasMorency private msg quote post Address this user
I've been working with the Point Cloud and OBJ file for the last couple weeks. For our engineering project, we now use both files for different purpose. We take advantage of the Point cloud for all the engineering, but keep the OBJ for concept review and proposal. We also had to find a way to clean up the files in order to remove/add components althought the mesh or point cloud is not as easy to work with as file from engineering specific tools such as Faro Scanner. If you need help for your project, I might be able to help. Good luck !
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