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How does Real.Vision measure floor plans?4285

khaled private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain how does Real Vision find accurate measurements of floor plans just using DSLR !

After reading through their documentation, I found that you need to install a special Firmware called magic lantern , But why this firmware is needed, and what extra information does it add to images.

Thanks in advance.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@khaled I am not a user of RealVision, can't answer your question. But I am working on how to measure floor plan for Matterport space.

If you are Matterport user you can try our measure tool JuMP-ME at

We use the OBJ result file from Matterport which include a real value of dimension in it. After loading it into Chrome browser we calculate the projection area for the measurement.

BTW "Magic Lantern" is one hacker's firmware that can run on Canon DSLR. It will take place of the original fireware from Canon. Make the camers more functions but it won't add any 3D dimention information to photos.

By my estimate RealVision build them by human force, not automatically by machine.

You can refer to below link:

If you pay more attention you will see some wrong placed red mark when you look at the "photo gallery", these kind of mistakes can only happened when the mark was put by human. Machine won't have error like this.

That is why they need two days and USD100.00 to generated your space. Compare to 2 hours and USD19.00 from Matterport's machine processing.
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