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Self inflicted mirror4205

aristepp private msg quote post Address this user

HI All,
This scan turned out OK except for that full length, wall to wall, self imposed wall that the camera interjected on the top floor. If you would please have a look where the green carpet is on the top. You can't miss it. What the heck happened there?

Any thoughts? I can go back.
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
I'd try just adjusting a trim mark or window or mirror unrelated to the issue and submit for reprocessing. Sometimes glitches like that go away just by reprocessing.

You should probably also check that all the mirrors you've marked are facing the right way. No reason for one to appear in the middle of the room like that, but a backwards marked mirror could confuse the software.
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aristepp private msg quote post Address this user
Very helpful thought, Craig, thank you. This bar is a balcony and mirrors below. That could be it.
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StevenHattan private msg quote post Address this user
Just curious...did you see this on your map when scanning? Did it give any indication this was there?

Any time I've experienced 'glitches' it is usually evident on the Map.

Anytime I see something on the Map that is not 'normal' I delete that scan and redo it. If the problem still happens, I delete the scan, scan somewhere else and then go back the place there was an issue. It has always worked from there.
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aristepp private msg quote post Address this user
no, I didn't see anything that looked abnormal at all. I am confident that it can be fixed. Has to be my oversight, somewhere.
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