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Reach-in Closets in Schematic Floor Plan4127

coulee360 private msg quote post Address this user
I am wondering how the schematic floor plan works on when the home has closet spaces that aren't scanned?

How would I be able to tell it that the empty space between rooms is a reach in closet vs dead space?

I haven't ordered a schematic floor plan from Matterport before and have a client interested in having this option to know room sizes as well.
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Senojev private msg quote post Address this user
From talking with Petra at Blue Sketch, their process uses both the model floor plan and a walk through of the model. If the space has a door, it is highly likely a closet. If it has no door, it is considered a dead space or interior chase of some type. I'm not sure of the process used by Matterport but in comparing both Blue Sketch and Matterport products and service, I know where I will be going for floor plans
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jasondavidpage private msg quote post Address this user
I have ordered multiple floors plans through matterport and even those closets are spaces that aren't scanned they have marked correct a hundred percent of the time. Even some closets that are fairly hidden behind bedroom doors apparently they check the model and see if they can see if there's a door or not in order to put the correct object on the floor plan.
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