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Warning: Do NOT install iOS 10.3 Wait Until4099

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Hi All,

A trusted colleague writes ...



Hi All,


Apple is currently working on another update to the iOS operating system for their devices. It went into their 3rd beta testing phase earlier this month [March 2017] so I would expect it to be released to the public sometime this month [March 2017] or early next month [April 2017]. Normally Apple releases iOS updates on a Monday.

This update is different from all of the rest of the updates you have done in the past.

Apple is changing the underlying file system. Once the update is installed on your device it will automatically convert the old file system to the new format.

You don’t have any choice and there is no way back to the previous format. For all of the testing that is being done both by Apple and the beta developers, I would expect this process to be problem free, but we all know how that goes. Somebody will have a problem and complain very loudly about it.


This is what I would like to suggest to everybody — Wait for a week or so to make sure that all of the problems have been fixed. You might even want to wait until version 10.3.1 comes out (my guess is a couple of weeks to a month after 10.3 is released). Turn off the automatic update via wifi until you are ready to do the update.

Personally I would NOT even do the update via wifi. Instead plug your device into your computer (Mac or PC) and use iTunes to perform the update.

I do this for all updates to the iOS. If you use wifi for the update normally only 200 to 300 megabytes for the update are downloaded to your device. This is what Apple thinks that your device needs. If you use iTunes to do the update the full replacement of the operating system is downloaded (something around 2 gigabytes). I been using iTunes for doing the update for years and have not had any problems other than my slow internet speed (living out it the country all I have available is satellite). My gut feeling is that people that have had problems when updating their device is because they are doing so over wifi.

In any case, make sure that you have a good current backup of your device right before you install the update. This way if something goes wrong you can restore the backup to get your device working again. I would suggest using iTunes to make the backup instead of backing up to the cloud.

I plan to update my iPad as soon as I know that iOS 10.3 has been released so I can test it out. I will probably be about a week later that I will update my iPhone.

If you are interested in learning a little more about the new file system format, check out these links:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Your thoughts on this?

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Basic jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Waiting a little bit before updating won´t hurt and maybe will save us a headache.

I will take the advice. It is free, doesn´t hurt and there is nothing to lose.
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Standard nat_vanveen private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Thanks for the advice, I'll take it and wait too.
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