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Should I purchase an iris360 forStreet View?4040

grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
I am thinking about buying the iris360 soon. I was wanting to get some opinion on the device.

I know I can take better images using a DSLR. No question about that. In my area however I think an ok quality is acceptable. (Better quality than the Ricoh Theta s is needed) The price what clients pay is more of an issue and since it is less time to take the spherical images with the iris360 I can be more competitive.

If somebody that has the camera could please share their experience on using, reliability, issues they encountered.

I plan on purchasing a used camera or possibly a payment plan option. Information on that would be appreciated as well.

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mcatino private msg quote post Address this user
@grmngrl I with you, after a little more than two months of reading everything here and researching people places and things then looking at everything upside and down I am doing the same thing plus.

I'll be using a DSLR to do standard Photography if needed, and IRIS for VR tours. Then if they want something a little interesting Inside Maps is were I will put my money for now.

It is not MP but I have learned from the people I have talk to they are not up to speed yet with this tech (they all love what they saw. I am going to use a different approach to it all here in NJ.

Walk in with three camera set ups and just use what you need or all of the above. If you have a drone throw that in for free (because unless you have a FAA license you can't sell photos or video from it with out a possible fine).
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys,

I am the owner of an Iris360. I believe that mine was one of the first 100 units that were shipped and in fact I had to wait more than six months since I pre ordered it and it was shipped.

So far my experience has been very good. It is very easy to use and the image quality is more than decent for Google StreetView which is the purpose for what I use it.

Of course, there is no comparison with a DSLR camera, but there is no point in comparing these two cameras because they were designed with a different purpose in mind.

For quick, reasonable good, 360 panos the Iris360 is perfect.

I know die hard DSLR guys that have said horrible things about the Iris360, but in the end of the day I can tell you that the Iris360 delivers exactly what you expect from it.

This is an example of a Google StreetView that I made for Le Pain Quoditien in Buenos Aires:

In this moment I am exploring the possibility of making a 180,000 sq ft art fair and after considering differnt alternatives my conclussion is that MP is not viable (too slow and model size limits), and other alternatives are either expensive or not too different to my trusted Iris360' quality, so I guess that if I get the contract I will be using it.

Just one comment: if you are planning to use more or less intensively, perhaps you should consider purchasing an additional battery and a charger. A full battery doesn´t last very long.
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mcatino private msg quote post Address this user
thanks @jfantin for the insight.
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