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This forum thread has been created to discuss questions about vCAD that are technical in nature. Additionally, it should contain questions on how vCAD interfaces with other CAD and VR software packages.

I look forward to your questions.
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I received a question via email from a user currently using Archilogic. I've summarized the conversation:

There are a few differences between Archilogic and vCAD. I want to take some time to communicate the differences so I understand your expectations.

File Upload:

For Archilogic, you upload a 2D floor plan that is converted into a web viewable 3D file.

For vCAD, you upload a 3D CAD file and convert it a web and mobile viewable 3D/VR File. The conversion occurs in 10-90 minutes depending on the file size.


For Archilogic, the visual quality is associated with the Archilogic materials and shaders.

For vCAD, the visual quality you upload is the quality bundled into the VR file.

What does this mean? If you upload a simple Revit or SketchUp file, then the quality will look very basic. If you fully render the textures and then upload it, then the vCAD file will appear fully rendered, too.

The vCAD software does not rendered the materials. It takes the quality that is uploaded and transfers it to the model.

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