Use Two Ways to Succeed as a Matterport Pro

Hi All,

If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera or just bought one, here are two ways - use them both - to succeed faster.

1. Your trusted network of friends and colleagues that are potential clients - or trusted introductions to their friends and colleagues

2. Focus on the space you are an expert

This week I did Skype chats with two Members of the Forum. For example ...

A new Matterport Pro that provides IT support for 20+ years to an architecture school. The Pro wants to create a side business. While the Pro requested help with pricing for real estate, I quickly re-focused the discussion on his network of architects, engineers and builders of multi-family communities (whom also likely would benefit from services for un-built spaces such as vCAD and 3DVUE.

By focusing on architects, engineers and multi-family communities - all friends and colleagues in a space that the Pro has a deep understanding, the Pro is future proofing the business from the likely many 3D tour Pros that will show-up in the community.


When Pros reach out to me for help, I always ask two questions:

1. What is your present or past work experience?
2. What space are many of your friends, colleagues and clients?

For a photographer, Matterport makes sense as a "would you like fries" with that conversation: one order/many visual storytelling solutions.

That said, many Matterport Pros are NOT photographers. And, they quickly learn that the world is not beating their door down for Matterport scans.

Rather than focus on real estate - a space that they have no previous photography experience - let alone experience, to succeed, they - you - need to focus on the industry (space) that they have a deep understanding. While this may not matter if you are just out of college for next-to-nothing, many newbie Matterport Pros are looking for a new career (perhaps returning to their passion for photography or tech or both).

So, rather than pursing residential real estate - because it seems like a no brainer - without any friends and colleagues or understanding of how competitive the space is, focus on the industry that they - you - know best and the friends and colleagues (and trusted introductions) to help future proof a Matterport Service Provider business.

We (all) have these two ways to succeed. Something we just need to be reminded.

Zig when others zag ...

Are you leveraging your friends and colleagues - and the space that you know best?


P.S. One Pro said he did not want to "use" friends and colleagues to develop business. My view is that I have "magic" to offer their friends and colleagues to help then, for example, win more and bigger listings more often, and therefor friends and colleges will be thrilled to make introductions because we are helping their friends and colleges

Video: Note: Matterport Camera is $3,600 (as of 1 March 2017) and ask for a( free month).