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VR Controllers for Samsung Gear & Daydream4004

Woods private msg quote post Address this user
Just came across this article about Samsung creating a controller for Gear VR, guessing for the galaxy S8 release on April 21st.

Engadget First Look Gear VR Controller

Does anyone know if google's Daydream controller works with matterport tours?

I think VR controllers are the key to really helping matterport's VR tours grow and be useful, because right now looking at a dot for 2-3 seconds to navigate a space or click a button is horrible.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Woods, yes, Daydream's controller does work with Matterport's recent, modestly rolled out update that includes a full version of Showcase built on WebVR specifically for Daydream. Hopefully they'll be adding support for Gear VR Controller on the same platform.

As one of our other forum members has pointed out, the Gear seems to 'take over' the phone when you slip it on, so unless they change that behavior, the WebVR version of Matterport might be incompatible.
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