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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
I have a manufacturing facility that wants 2 virtual tours created not only for the virtual tour, but to show potential customers their facility in VR. But they want sound and movement. Obviously this far exceeds Matterports capabilities right now. So, who knows what the process is to get a TRUE VR experience?
I am still a candidate for providing Matterport services for them if they can't get what they really want. Thanks!
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SeekBeak private msg quote post Address this user
By VR do they mean 360 video, or actual VR?

If they really want VR, you'll need to get a textured 3D model of the factory, and incorporate it into something like Unity3D or Unreal. Once you've got that, it's pretty easy to rig up gaze hotspots to trigger sounds and allow people to walk around the facility using various transportation methods.

I'd recommend getting your developer to use teleportation for something of that scale, especially if there are multiple floors.
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Amaury private msg quote post Address this user
Hi srennick, I believe Round.me will give you the ability to add intro screens, youtube videos, stereo sound that will interact with the visitor, rich html tags and more.
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Amaury private msg quote post Address this user
Here is a sample tour with sound, as you notice, sound goes up and down as you turn around making you feel you are facing a noisy area or not:


Also, you might found the 3dVista software capable of doing lot more like their new "LivePano" feature.

Hope this helps.
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