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Matterport Pro Wanted: Crittenden, KY3898

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The We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers and Real Estate Agents has a need for a Matterport Pro in Crittenden, KY.


A real estate agent writes:

"Hi Dan, thank you for replying so quickly. I don't have a specific listing ready for photography, I am trying to find a vendor who provides these services [Matterport, still, drone] so that when listing agreements are signed I know that I will have a photographer at the ready and what the price range is. It could be as soon as next week [by Sunday, 26 February 2017] that I need to book someone."

✓ Matterport Pro in/near Crittenden, KY
✓ a plus if can do still still images and/or drone
✓ TBD sq ft (will update once I hear back from the agent)
✓ Matterport scan needed by Sunday, 26 February 2017


If you live in or near Crittenden, KY and would like more details, please PRIVATE message me.


Please do NOT post to this thread.


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I apologize. Wrong market. This opportunity is no longer available. Dan
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