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US tax on Matterport Purchase3772

MichaelHammond private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all.
Im in South Africa about to purchase a Matterport system from the UK reseller. With the new year special it ads up to £3850. Im getting a friend to bring it to SA so no courier fees involved. How much tax is added to matterport products in the US? Im trying to figure out if UK is much more expensive.

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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
Depends what state you buy it from. Each one has a different rate. Google the state to find out.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user

Also, consider that if you buy directly to Matterport USA from SA no local US taxes are applied. You should pay shipping and local SA custom duties, if any (but I assume that you will have to pay local custom duties anyway considering the price of the camera and the usual duty free limits that in South Africa are R 5,000 - approximately $ 375).

You will have to work with your numbers a little to figure out which purchasing method is better.

But bear in mind that in the UK you pay 20% VAT, which is much higher than any sales tax in any state of the US

Best case scenario: purchase directly from the US, pay local sales taxes (usually less than 10%) and have a tourist friend to bring it to you in South Africa (your friend, as a tourist, shouldn´t have to pay Custom duties)

Second option: purchase directly from the US, pay local sales taxes (usually less than 10%) and have a South African friend to bring it to you in South Africa (your friend will have to pay a flat customs duties rate of 20% but be careful with the price you declare to customs because there is a R 25000 limit to apply the flat rate)

The UK option: The same as above, but with a 20% VAT instead of a 8-9% sales tax, so more expensive.

Regular option: Purchase to Matterport in the US, no taxes because it is an export, pay shipping and whatever rate your local customs applies to courier shipments (I have no information about it).

You may wonder how on earth do I know all this? It´s been more than 10 years importing electronic goods to Argentina so I am familiar with different customs regulations around the world, plus a good knowledge on how the thirld world customs work.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
You're getting ripped off mate. Even at the full list price of $4500 that comes out to £3591. The camera has been on offer in the States and Canada anywhere from $600 to $1,000 off list price so don't let the UK reseller rip you off. You may be better off buying it through the States and having one of the many companies in the States that receive goods on you behalf and then forward them on to you.
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