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Did you know that if you are a Member of the MSP Program and either a Basic, Standard or Premium Member of the We Get Around Network that you can get 12 MSP 1-sheets with your contact info and logo - Free – delivered via Dropbox?

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Please see the Order Form in the Welcome Onboard Letter (Benefit #16)

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Complete this Order Form (with the exact info and logo) you would like including in the Matterport flyers. Please allow 10 business days for Sherry Rennick of Perspective 3-D, an MSP in Michigan, to add your contact info and logo.

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P.S. Unfortunately, Matterport includes on the floor plan flyer "Each Schematic Floor Plan is only $36."

Once Matterport removes the pricing all together - that's something Pros should decide how to charge - Sherry will re-do this 1-sheet for you.