Photo: Dan Smigrod | Photo by Mike Wilt, NinjaPost

We Get Around had a kiosk tonight (12 December 2016) at an event for Atlanta technorati.

We used VR – with our new, custom printed multi-color VR Viewer from Unofficial Cardboard - to draw-in people to our kiosk.

While we demo VR, we talk more about 3D Tours that are viewable on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Some of our leads from tonight:

✓ a national builder (700 properties annually) whom has been flying photographers across America. He immediately "got it" that he could have 3D/VR/photos from local pros that we referral via the We Get Around Network.

✓ a company that sells office furniture. They have a showroom that is 10,000 sf nearly Atlanta with eight sales people. They have trouble getting clients to their showroom (where their closing rate and volume is much higher). Two of their executives immediately understood how the sales team could bring the furniture showroom to their clients with a Samsung Gear VR to help get clients to visit the actual showroom (which also has a lot of used office furniture.

✓ a major sports franchise

✓ a major beverage company

✓ a local tech trade publication

✓ a number of angel and VC investors. While we are not seeking investment, they have big homes and know successful real estate agents. One let us know that she has a friend that has $1 million income (not sales). That's someone we would like an intro too

Anyway, while a three-hour event can be completely draining, it is also exhilarating at the same time.

I find that these events are a great way to meet/demo and get leads for follow-up.

What else?

✓ Are you participating in Shows/Events?
✓ Are you using VR as your drawing card?
✓ What have you learned from participating in Shows/Events?

Happy holidays,