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Corporate Clients May Pre-Pay You for 20173371

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Imagine a corporate client coming to the end of the year with "use it or lose" it money in their budget.

If you have a corporate client like this, ask them if they would like to pre-pay now for x Matterport Spaces 3D Tours in 2017.

You may not even need to discount. You are doing them a favor by solving a challenge of how to spend their money before the end of the year.


They like you. They your work. They know they need x Matterport Spaces scanned in 2017, so simply ask them if they would like to be invoiced now for 2017 and for how much.

(If you are asked to discount, consider adding value rather than discounting. For example, add 2D floor plans, a video or other value add that has a high perceived value and costs you much less.)



P.S. I recognize that real estate agents are not in this category.
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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
This is true, corporate clients may have last minute money to spend before end of fiscal year.

Some others frown upon pre-paying for future services, because internal policies only allow paying for completed jobs. Which means a lot of last minute scans. Still good though.
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