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Hello everyone. I am glad that I found this forum. I got all my question answered from this forum in the past few hours of browsing.

We are a real estate marketing company that rely on high techs heavily.

Few months ago We outreached to try the matterport camera. The result was astonishing but I had lots of concerns about the way that Matterport dealing with the whole product experience.

I ended up return the camera in a month.

Since there is no prefect replacement on the market atm I guess I will just hire local matterport service provider for a transition period.

Matterport is highly end-user friendly. The stitching is flawless and efficient.

However the real estate market demands more than that. Besides the visual effects, we need login security to provide extra privacy; we need some kind of database mecanism for easy searchable matterport models for mass production; we need offline models to be host on different servers to prevent interrupted user experience; we need open source obj (with texture) to be able to view at tethered headset (htc vive, oculus); we need more customized field to server our marketing services.

The demand list goes on and I don't see any immediate solutions after viewing all the posts here.

I love this device so much and I hate the business model so much at the same time.

Matterport could be much more successful if it positioned itself as a real estate marketing company with their own hardware patents.

I would say matterport is a prefect camera but can only success at the level of a device producer if all the above concerns can't be addressed properly.
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If you would like a referral for a local Matterport Pro, please Private Message (PM) me or search the Map above. Thanks, Dan
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WP3D Models WordPress Plugin is the Content Management System (CMS) - Database - that we use for the We Get Around Gallery.
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Matterport does not offer security of digital assets. Even if you password protect your content, it's easy to discover your links.

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