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Questions from a prospect....advice?3004

VRealExperience private msg quote post Address this user
I stopped in and spoke with a Director of Operations for a local venue. He was wildly impressed by my model I showed on my iPad.

I followed up via email, here was his response:
"Thanks for this. Would we then be able to use this video for ANY type of marketing we wish? Would we "own the rights" to it?

Also, if we did all of our properties would we get a bulk rate discount? We own 5 properties."

The "ANY" type of marketing scares me? Are there things I need to be wary of here, or do they in fact have the right to use however they want?

The rights ownership one is a simple answer - No, but how do I spin it?

Thanks for the help guys. The Legal stuff is by far the most daunting....ugh
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DSPhoto private msg quote post Address this user
You license the work to them based on how they plan on using it. More exposure and time means more money How you go about that is a whole other ball game.

Other random thoughts:

Remember to keep licensing fees seperate from production fees. Do not qoute a price that combines production with licensing. It makes it hard to place proper value to each.

Avoid licensing for more 3 years at a time and list the licensing for a second year. Don't forget to add something for hosting and list that out too.

Whatever your 1st licensing price is- double it.

Make sure the license is non exclusive and non transferable. Non exclusive is a must due to MP contract and non transferable so they can't tell someone else they can use it. Plus if they get bought the buyer will have to reclicense.
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