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Matterport Tour of ScotiaBank2937

Integratedman private msg quote post Address this user
I wanted to share with you a recent scan that we completed for Scotiabank in Guelph Ontario

The client is very happy with the service and technology and has already scheduled new scans for upcoming branches

Have a Nice Matterport day!!..
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JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
Nice job!!! When I saw "bank" in the name, I though "Oh, no!!!! Security???" But, when I saw the model, it's not a consumer bank - it's something completely different. I think this a GREAT idea.
Wonderful use of the Mattertags to explain all the features in the building for customers.
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JanHamorsky private msg quote post Address this user
Nice job, well done! ...and inspiring
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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
OK, so it's a beautiful scan, and congrats on a major commercial job! My question is, and this is a testament to your selling ability, why would a bank do this? I'm curious to know how I might present this to my local area. How you convinced a bank to do this (security as a main issue) is interesting and amazing!
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Integratedman private msg quote post Address this user
Shah..Hello ty for the very kind words. This project was a combination of fortunate timing and good sales skills. This particular branch is a new format for Scotiabank..a test if you will..I had recently opened a account at this branch and filled in a on line survey expressing my extreme satisfaction with my experience. This got the attention of upper management who called me to discuss with me directly my experience. It was during this discussion where I introduced our Matterport service and how it could really benefit them (the sales portion) Had Scotia not been introducing this new facility this would not have come together..so good timing and good sales..now in doing the project we ensured that we did not shoot any private area's only public area's were scanned so security was not a issue. We scanned and stopped scanning before we reached vault area..then in production placed a mirror to ensure no security issues...hope this answers your questions clearly... Gary Roberts
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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome, thanks for that!
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