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Think and Grow Rich with Matterport Really2910

GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
I think of the book think and grow rich and how there is a story about being 3 feet from Gold. It boils down to you have to be close. I keep doing new videos for my market that sneek in Matterport as a feature. The VAST majority of my fellow Realtors are not using the system. In the very high end they are coming to it slowly. Is the day out there that Matterport is a standard? If anyone else has done a promo video I would sure like to see it. Here is my last effort to get to my audience on Facebook.
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cire385 private msg quote post Address this user

George is right there is unlimited potential when it comes to marketing with video. Faceboook videos in particular, especially the way their paid marketing works.

Video by far is the best way to grab attention. From the analytics Faceboook provides most viewers do not watch past 10 seconds. I didn't realize that when I started making short videos. So I tried to find ways to grab attention up front then get my message across in the middle to end.

With Faceboook paid advertising you can target exactly who you want.

I'll run a $5 or $10 add every now and then with a short video. I target only within 25 miles of my business and only people that have a interest in real estate and real estate sales. (Realtors are my primary customers)

Last week I ran a $10 add, it reached over 1000 people, the next day I had a call from one of the larger brokers in my area wanting information on my services. Have a meeting with them next week.

I'm just getting started so I can't say if there is a pot of gold at the end but it seams to be working so far.
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cire385 private msg quote post Address this user
Here is an example of what $10 in Facebook ads will get you.
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cire385 private msg quote post Address this user

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cire385 private msg quote post Address this user

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