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How to far is to far to travel for a scan?2843

3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
I'm trying to determine the max distance that would be feasible to travel for a job. I know I should set a price for over a certain distance but when does it become an unreasonable distance? Thanks for any advice!
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JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
When we set up our business,we decided that there is a circle 30 miles in diameter, centered on our office, that we will call "local". All scans in that area include mileage in the base fees. If we travel outside of the circle, we charge a per mile rate for every mile over a 60-mile round trip. Our mileage fee is slightly higher than the IRS deduction rate for travel over 60 miles round trip.

Then, we decided that - for us - we will travel up to 75 miles away for a job. Anything past 75 miles away requires consideration. We might do it, but we need a compelling reason. (There are other Matterport service providers outside of that 75-mile radius and we would rather not openly compete with them -- it's enough to compete with the ones inside the circle.)

Prior to adding Matterport, we traveled 200 miles to a job site for a video/photo shoot. The basic decision for traveling to a job is "does it make business sense"?
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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
If someone is willing to pay for our time and travel as well as the scan we will go where ever we need to to get the job done!
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