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Can we reposition misaligned scans?2837

ChateauImage private msg quote post Address this user
I'm fairly new to the forum, and Matterport for that matter. I just completed scanning an 11,000 sq ft estate near LA. The built model has two aberrations which I'm hoping one of you experts can offer tips on.

First, here's the model:

The "Start Location" is in the motor court, facing the front door. As you move in and through the front door, just as you pass through the doorway, there is an image shard which flies toward the viewer. What's this about? Small issue, but I'm curious as to the source of this and if it's avoidable in the future.

The bigger issue is this. Once through the door and in the "great room", turn 90 degrees Right, go down the hall to the family room, turn 90 degrees Left, and out the doorway to the patio. At this stage you're looking due North.

Proceed forward, angling to the left (northwest) until you locate a scan right at the very edge of the hardscape. Stop there. If you angle down and pivot a little, you'll see there are three scan positions which are located in the grass beyond the hardscape. This is the issue, as all three of these were shot 15-30 feet West of this location, near the edge but definitely on the patio hardscape. While shooting, Matterport signaled that these had properly "aligned", but they ended up in different locations, out in the grass. So if you proceed to Move to any of these, you'll see they do not display logical Walkthrough angle positions.

So, question is, anyone know whether these three mis-aligned scans can manually be put back in alignment with all the correct ones? I know where they should be, but is there a way for me to move them? There is enough architectural structure around, that if I repositioned them as I know, the software has edges and shapes to key in on.

Okay, I hope this stimulates some discussion.
Thank you!

PS: For a little fun, if you go up the stairs (there are two stairways) and find your way to the 2nd floor walkway open to the "great room", go to the middle of the walkway, turn and face the huge 30' tall window, I've found you can "jump" from this balcony down to the floor on the main level. Cool!
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
To my understanding there is not a way to re-allign any scans manually unless you re-scann an area.

I scanned once I page house and had issues thats what I was told.

The other thing is check all your markings like windows and mirrors. I was told that mirrors or windows that are not in camera hight do not need to be marked.

I have not looked at your model so not sure if that helps you.
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THRHHI private msg quote post Address this user
You can't manually move the scan but you can disabling so you can't move there. The grass is probably the reason it said it aligned but put it in a different location. You see the same thing if you try and scan around a pool. The infrared sensors do not like water.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
Back yard issues: sun and lack of 3D data to reference, mostly sun.
entry "shard:" anomaly of the process. don't call attention to it. did you mark the windows? sometimes the system will mistake highlights for 3D objects.
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Hey Harlan have you evacuated? We are holding till tomorrow noon to see if it changes course.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
seems to be drifting east. if so, i've got beer. if not, the cars are full of gas. (have a 1 hour MP job at 8:00 in the morning, ha, ha.) Have you left?
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