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Capturing a retail store (dollhouse view)2760

joez private msg quote post Address this user
I'll be shooting a retail store although the owners would not like me to capture behind the cash registers. eg. underneath the cash registers, drawers.
- Although with that being said (they don't want me to capture under the cash registers and no scan points behind the reigsters either) - however behind the cash registers is a wall - full of nice products displayed that would look great in a dollhouse view.

So my question is If i don't go behind the cash registers then once uploaded the wall mentioned would be greyed out in the dollhouse view? Is this correct?

Is it better to scan the whole room and remove the points you don't want in workshop, or is this unnecessary?
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Basic htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
Your second option is best. I always scan every point in the building, even if the client does not want it seen in the final product, I then go back and turn off the scan points to deny access to those areas on the walkthrough.

Hope that helps.
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alsangio private msg quote post Address this user
What @htimsabbub23 said.

Scan everything and just go back and hide the points you don't want people to travel to.
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bonduell private msg quote post Address this user
If you would scan everything, you should be ready that anyone can see your tour 1) in workshop, 2) in dollhouse view. without any restriction.

I am sure. better choice is owner's choice.
It is not good idea to take responsibility for scanning details.
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Basic suncoastskyview private msg quote post Address this user
We always cover up any sensitive areas before scanning. Use a flower pot or other obstruction to hide it.
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