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This scan turned out perfect.2704

spencerf private msg quote post Address this user
Scanned a huge 5000+SqFt two story home today. I think it turned out nearly perfect. ...

P.S. I logged 1.82 miles song this scan.
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GoneCoastalSC private msg quote post Address this user
Indeed - very nice. Great job. I'm in Myrtle Beach SC and the last 2 beach front homes I did, I went down to the beach and other key outdoor areas and did 360 views scans. The agents/owners loved it! I didn't see any pics or 360 view for yours?
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I like it. I collect these types of adventures. This model also has an engaging starting point -- outside viewing the mountains. It's also easy to move through with all the floor circles.

This is the first model I've seen that shows the inside of a closet. In such a small space, I guess it's not easy to hide the camera that appears in the closet's mirror.

Being another large home, it reminds me again how useful dollhouses can be. That gave me another wish list idea ..

#999: Multi-monitor mode. Your dollhouse would appear on one monitor (or pane) and your model with the interiors would appear on the other monitor (or pane).

When you clicked a point in the dollhouse, the model would transport you to that location. Street View used to have dual panes. You'd click a point on the large map and your Street View location moved to that point. Dual views in Street View and Matterport would be useful because or in a large model, such as yours, we could

1 jump around the home quickly since the dollhouse would always be visible. It wouldn't be an either/or situation.

2) know where we are in relation to the rest of the home. Currently we know we're "in a room" but contextually, we're not quite sure exactly where that is in relation to the other rooms or exterior. It's similar to being in a mall without having a "You are Here" map in front of you. An always-visible dollhouse would be our "You are here" map.

One more wish list item -- When I hover over different rooms in your dollhouse, I wouldn't mind seeing hotspot popup tooltips that showed info about the room aka "Must-See kitchen with stunning granite countertop!". People might spend as much time playing with the dollhouse as they did with the real model if the dollhouse was always visible and had additional engaging functionality. Ideally, a dollhouse tooltip box could also show a picture or even a 360 image if I wanted to see that. You'd be able to do a whole lot of exploring without leaving your current location in the 3D model.
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