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AdviceMultiple Floors

Shooting as single/multiple model2571

bckz2020 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys I need some advice on shooting a hotel. Can I combine different floors into one link? This is my plan ( please look at the picture below.) thank you
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Short answer, no.
Best thing to do is put a mattertag and hyperlink to the next scan. Not great but it's the best option
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jscottsmith private msg quote post Address this user
Depends how much time you want to spend shooting 14 flights of stairs.

In concept, if all the stairs are identical you might be able to trick the software into thinking that the floors of interest are adjacent to one another. But even if that worked, you'd have to connect all the locations by traveling down hallways.

I like Jamie's idea, or a variation of it. What if you had a rudimentary 3D model of the building - or even a 2D cross section - and you hyperlinked to each of your areas of interest from that? It would take some setup in something like Panotour, but if it were me, I'd investigate that option.
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hoangatuan private msg quote post Address this user
@ bckz2020:
I used to have the same thinking as you as the idea of putting all the rooms into 1 model does reducing our MP processing costs. Otherwise, we might be spend several USD 19 for many small room models (sometime a model might have less than 10 scans).
Doing the way of Jamie still costs us several USD 19 for small room models, right?
I just came out with this idea: Most of hotels has identical floor layout from room floor, right? Does anyone scan 1 room in 14th floor, some additional scans for corridor of the 14th floor, and start scanning 1 room in 15th floor starting from the position in the corridor exactly on top of the last scan in the 14th floor? Would be good if I can have any advice on this idea.
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