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Panorama/photosphere as a Wordpress Backgr.2514

alsangio private msg quote post Address this user

Does anybody know of a way I could add a panoramic image/photo sphere as the background of a section in a WP site?

My idea is: in my home page, I want a image the runs as the background (above the fold), but i want it to a 360 image that loads and starts turning around automatically. I would also like to have some text over it, that's why I want it to be the background.
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GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
Its really pretty easy... just take the provided embed code from the processing site and "embed it".... at least that is how I did it with my system.

If you have the WP plugin.. you just use the third party media box and ad a tiny bit of code to remove the "page" features.
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alsangio private msg quote post Address this user

What processing site did you use?

What WP Plugin?

Could I see your site to see how it looks?

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GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
Everything I said has to do with the Ricoh Theta 360

Here is one of my sites.


This has a 360 pano but it is not at the top of the page.
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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all...

This is an interesting topic as it touches on something we've considered adding to WP3D Models as an option to our "skinned" view.

I'd love to hear from others (especially existing WP3D Models customers) as to how much value this would add for them.

When it comes to adding this to a WordPress-based site that isn't running WP3D Models, you'd likely need to do a bit of custom development/styling in order to get the effect you're looking for. This is especially true when it comes to mobile support.

Standing by for some more "votes" re: adding this as a new feature to WP3D Models....thx!
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alsangio private msg quote post Address this user
Hello @rpetersn

I am glad I gave you an idea for WP3D Models, hehe.

I currently own WP3D; is is possible to do this with WP3D?
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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @alsangio,

Thanks for the message today. At this time no, this is not possible to do with WP3D Models. Something like what has been described here would need to be added as a future feature/etc.

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Perhaps you video background solution would solve @alsangio question?

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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah...good point @DanSmigrod, @alsangio - you could create a looping (SUBTLE!) video background that you can implement right now with our "Video Background" solution.

Perhaps something like this could work for you?
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Some say jQuery can do anything. That may not be true but it, or regular JavaScript, can scroll a background for you. You could put your panoramic image in an HTML div and animate it. Here's an example of someone doing that with a few lines of jQuery code (link) (the moving image is at the bottom of that Web page). As you can see, jQuery makes it possible to use a ridiculously small amount of code to produce this animation effect. If you don't want to use jQuery, you can do it with regular JavaScript but you'll need more code.

Replace that image with your panorama, make it a large background image and you've got a pseudo 360 panorama viewer that works by itself. Ensure that it's a background if you want your page's background to move.

On my Matterport wish list might be some sort of interesting "Loading" screen that does something. A moving simulated panorama would engage visitors who wait for a model to load. The moving panorama could even overlay the actual Matterport loading window so it looked like you were viewing a moving panorama. That image layer would then disappear when load competes creating the illusion that you actually saw a real panorama while you waited. Right now, all they see is a "Loading" animation which could last a while if they have slow connections.

Even more interesting might be a stack of moving panoramic images that exist in stacked layers. Every few seconds a new layer could move to the top showing the user a different panorama. Image size might be the only limiting factor in a UI consisting of many preloaded pictures, but images wouldn't have to be large if you reduced quality or made them more "artistic" than photo realistic.
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