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Tell me again how Virtual Reality is no big2488

GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Had a string of real estate agents tell me they know the future and this virtual reality stuff is just a fad.

My response


and then this


Virtual Reality is a "when" not "if" it will be an essential part of one's life.

Don't doubt yourself in this decision. You are on the right track
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
What a great take on this and great example. Just need to keep plugging along, Thank you for sharing.

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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
To what degree are traditional photographs not just 'virtual reality'? If they aren't considered virtual reality then matterport isn't either... It's just interactive photos... And perhaps if people are interested, there are goggles that you can wear to have a distraction free experience.

I think that gear VR and cardboard and oculus are all fads in that they are a stop gap solution to proper virtual reality. I think Hololense is the future... But just like Kinect, I fear that Microsoft is releasing a product that will not achieve its promise and that will ultimately sour the market a bit and could create barriers to those tech in the future...

Like 3d TVs 😂

The problem is that people want the experience without having to wear something.
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
I guess I was talking in the context that matterport type solutions are here to stay and is not a fad when marketing a home. I'm not that bright so from my perspective I see all the out of the box things virtual reality is doing and about to do in so many walks of life that when it comes down to the real estate agent who thinks that because they saw avatar they are a media expert (yet they hate it when clients want to tell them their business after watching a few HGTV shows) and proclaim matterport marketing is a waste of time.

When after a little discussion they still don't get it I moved on and figured there is someone in their market that will be my next client and will have one less agent for competition.
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
I'll tell you this ... in the almost 2 months I have been doing this my clients here in the NC Mountains think it's the coolest way to tour a home ever and their clients love that they are doing this for their listings.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Good points. Today's VR may flourish when people must wear bulky headsets if they want to reap a specific benefit.

This award-winning Gear VR app has room for improvement, but it may be an example of a must-experience VR app for people who must give a speech. You either don the bulky headset or you miss the learning experience.

Imagine practicing a public speech dozens of times in front of a live audience before actually giving it. Don a Gear VR, and you practice your presentation on stage in front of a live virtual audience. Audience members even provide distractions, such as cell phones going off. When actual speech day arrives, you've already "done it" many times so maybe stage fright disappears and you give the presentation flawlessly thanks to VR rehearsals.

I think the Matterport Gear VR/Cardboard headsets could become even more helpful if wearers would jump between rooms rapidly. Currently, the virtual reality is so real that the only way to move between rooms is the old fashioned way -- walking via markers.

If home buyers had to visit a realtor's office before seeing a home, maybe Matterport camera sales would skyrocket since the only customers would be realtors who show in-office home buyers different homes to choose from. Any realtor without Matterport models and a VR headset would be at a disadvantage. Today, it looks like most potential clients are people at home shopping for homes online. Since they probably don't have a VR headset, they must view videos, photographs or online Matterport models.
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