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Matterport Pros Reseller/Affiliate Program?2386

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @ploft
Hi Dan,

Just reached out to Matterport about reseller/affiliate program. As of now, none is offered. I have some clients who would want this product as a service and some who would want to purchase a camera and system as they have support to do it themselves.

I'm wondering how many service providers lose business to realtors and other industry prospects that decide they can do it themselves and purchase camera as they can do models less than hiring a service provider. You basically just did a sales demo for the Matterport's camera, sold them on the product and received no compensation or benefit. Not to mention you didn't get the sale for doing the model.

If you think a reseller/affiliate program is good for service providers maybe you can start discussion and or reach out to Matterport with your contacts to get this implemented. Like to hear you thoughts and others.

Yes! I agree with you.

It seems like Matterport could have 1,700 Matterport Pros in 71 countries (as of 9 August 2016) compensated for selling Cameras).

For example, instead of discounting the Camera by $600, Matterport could have offered Pros $500 credit to their hosting plan and the buyer $100 credit to their hosting plan.

While Matterport Service Providers would prefer to get recurring revenue service business, at least we would feel better that if the client wanted to buy a Camera instead, we would get compensated. Plus, by having the buyer receive a $100, we'd make sure that the purchase actually went through our dealer code, for example.

Instead of everyone saying, yes, Pros should be compensated, how else might Matterport structure a reseller/affiliate program that would be fair to Pros, Buyers and Matterport?


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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user

It's happen to me several time. I get a call from someone asking about a job and want to know all the details on how long it will take to shoot and deliver and the classic line "I'm sure you've very busy with this great technology"

I even had one who had me shoot a house but didn't want me to brand it with my company name. I found out he was using it as a intro to see if he could generate business for himself to justify buying a camera.

If we could confront these types and say "alright mate your really just hinting around to see if it's worth buying a camera" well sure it is and have I got a deal for you. cha-ching
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RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
Every single referral that I`ve got from the MSP program has turned out to be people just fishing for prices. Would be happy to sell cameras on MP´s behalf.
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder @3DscannUK

I feel your pain. I could imagine that this is happening to many MUG Forum Members.

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