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ThreeDImaging private msg quote post Address this user
I currently work for a property management company JCM (Jersey Central Management), did some scans last week in Pennsylvania At a major facility that they own, lynnewood gardens. I was speaking to a lady in the office, one of their sales people. She asked me if matterport Can be seen in full 3D on a computer with 3D glasses. Does mp2vr support this? If not is there any way to do this? She said this would be great for their townhouse units that are usually occupied. It would give people a better feeling of the townhouses they offer.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there @persin

In regards to full 3D with glasses I think what she was trying to describe was being able to view the townhouses in virtual reality (VR) The answer to your questions is yes, MP2VR produces VR models from any Matterport model.

She could offer this solution in one of two ways. The first was to purchase a Samsung phone as well as the Samsung Gear headset and let potential renters tour the propertied virtually in her office.

The other option was to offer the VT via Google Cardboard where prospective renters would download our MP2VR app from the Google Play and then she can send them the different townhouse VT to the perspective renters.

I would suggest one of the two options above but try to persuade her to go with the Gear option as it produces a much better experiences.

I hope that answers your question. If not please feel free to contact me directly via PM.

Best regards
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Had a great follow-up meeting today (28 July 2016) with a property management company. We installed MP2VR on Samsung phones for use with Gear VR and Google Cardboard - along with the first Matterport Space MP2VR converted for our multi-property / multi-state client.

Client super-exited to use Google Carboard by their sales team at an upcoming outdoor festival and in the onsite sales office for the under construction community. (Even though the model is built, it is a construction site so no public access.)

Thanks again for the 1-day MP2VR turnaround. That's amazing.

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for the update Dan I'm sure if their sales team deploy VR tours it will increase their sale through as their potential buyers get as close to possible a real life experience of walking through the different property options.

Best regards
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