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Matterport account for clients2212

cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
I am working an opportunity to provide a large number of scans for vacation rental properties and I am trying to put together a pricing model.

I read somewhere in a thread someone suggested having your client establish a Matterport account to accommodate the hosting charges.

Anyone have recommendations or suggestions for dealing with what could be 200 - 300 scans for a single client?
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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
cswartz, that was me. I maintain that it's a good way to keep a client from just buying his own camera and doing it himself, considering that at minimum you would be charging a very large additional sum monthly for hosting.

Some people have other opinions, but I've made a ton of money with this arrangement and my client is very happy and very loyal.
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
@CSWARTZ in business volume always leverages price so I took that in consideration when dealing with same exact issue. I negotiated a price per apartment type like studio this price 1bd 2bd 3bd and 4bd I offered them one year free hosting and starting second year I would set up an account with Matterport for their hosting. Honestly trying to make money with the hosting did not work out well during negotiations it was close to being a deal breaker so as long as I do not lose I am ok with passing the bill to them every month. If you can make the money do it...
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CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
I'm working with a few clients right now that we are discussing setting up their own accounts but I will own and control the account and add them as admins. This would give both of us the most control and flexibility for the models. There are other pros/cons to consider which is what we're in the middle of discussing now.
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
Agree I would control the account and make them admim.
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

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cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks to all! Very helpful input!
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