I am the organizer of the Atlanta Mixed Reality Meetup with 210 Members. (You're welcome to join even if you are not in Atlanta. It's free)

You'll see from the screen grab above that we have two upcoming Atlanta Mixed Realty Meetups ...

How does AR-VR-AI impact enterprise today and tomorrow?
HoloLens Procedural Mesh in DirectdX 11 and Unity

We haven't yet organized a Matterport specific Meetup.

I like organizing this Meetup because:

✓ Members sees the We Get Around Referral Network Sponsorship
✓ I meet people interested in AR/VR/MR/3D/360º
✓ I do eblasts about upcoming events and include my name/company/email in the email
✓ This is in-bound marketing for us as well.

What Meetup do you organize and why?



P.S. It's likely that we will do a Pokémon Go Meetup ... (I am at level 3)