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Grow your business with media attention for your Spaces

Dear Matterport Service Partner,

We know how important exposure and leads are for your business. Matterport is always looking for ways to help our service partners be successful.

Over the past year, we’ve noticed a growing trend: MSPs who actively engage media outlets have raised their company profile, generated new leads for scan jobs, and created new revenue streams for their businesses.

Here are some great examples of MSPs who have successfully had their Spaces included in online publications.

Curbed - “Rare Frank Lloyd Wright House Goes on Market For First Time Ever”

Geekwire - “Go inside Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum with this 3D virtual tour”

Local News - “Iolani Palace Uses 3D Scanning Technology for Virtual Tours”

And best of all, it’s easy to get started. Here are a few simple tips & tricks.

1. Scan a unique place of interest

Have a really cool place in mind that you think would be fascinating to show in 3D? The best way to get your Matterport Space picked up by a media outlet is to start with a place that is newsworthy and/or highly relevant to your target media outlet. You may already have several awesome scans just waiting to be shared.

2. Target a specific news or media outlet

Find the right media outlet for your content. If your Space is real estate related, find an outlet that frequently runs features on real estate, home design, or architecture. If you scan a historic site, museum exhibit, or newly opened place of interest, reach out to local outlets, special interest blogs, or travel sites. Often, you can easily find the name and email for specific writers/editors to contact directly.

3. Research and read

As you come across news articles, blogs, or other online stories, find ones that are centered around a specific place. Contact the writer to pitch a follow-up piece featuring an immersive 3D scan. Separately, ask the writer about current or future projects about interesting spaces.

4. Sell the target media outlet on the ease and value of Matterport in engaging readers

Digital media outlets are trying to engage readers in ever more interactive and immersive ways. On average, readers spend 1.7 minutes exploring a Matterport Space, which is far more than existing media.

By sharing a Space embed code, you can assure the media outlet that readers will stay on their site to explore the 3D model. Use Mattertag™ Posts to add even more value to this unique and powerful storytelling tool.


We look forward to seeing your Matterport Spaces in publications all over the world!


The Matterport Team

PS: Check out some of the other press Matterport users have gotten!

Real Estate: The Wall Street Journal recently used Matterport to provide a tour of a quirky Georgian mansion.

Entertainment: MSP Scann3D played an important part in The Block, a reality show about real estate.

Hospitality: The Associated Press enabled users to explore ultra-luxury accommodations in their interactive feature The Suite Life.

Retail and Public Venues: The Washington Post let readers visit their nearby pub through a Matterport Space.

Content marketing: McDonald's SXSW experience

Celebrity: DJ Deadmau5 was so impressed with the tour of his house by MSP Virtual3D that he tweeted it to his 3.5 million followers.

News: MSP Capture It 3D and Matterport collaborated on a project on homelessness in San Francisco, catching the attention of Al Jazeera America.

Unique sites: Tour the world’s narrowest house on TwistedSifter.

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