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My first 10,000 sq ft scan216

craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
I thought there was a thread here with advice for scanning large properties, but I can't find it.

I've got one (LOOOONG) day to scan it; here's my plan.

I'll get there in the morning an hour or two after sunrise (I'd get there earlier, but that's not possible.) I'll start by scanning side of the property opposite the sun, trying to save the interior space as best I can for the middle of the day.

I think I'll probably make close to 300 scans, but then delete a lot of the "bridge" scans at doorways, etc. necessary to build chain of scans in Capture but not necessary for navigation or building the model. I'll try to minimize the number of scans I do in each room. In smaller properties I like to scan densely in each room, to make the model have fewer holes, but I doubt I'll have that luxury in a 10,000 sq footer.

There are some outdoor areas (pool deck and patio) that I'll save for dusk just before going home.

Any suggestions for stuff I've missed?

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dfellars private msg quote post Address this user
Here is a link to a workshop mode of a 9000sqft house I did very early on (so don't judge.) I think there is about 7500 - 8000 sq ft in the model as we did not do the small upstairs area. I did the whole space in 57 sweeps, but it is a wide open layout.

Unless every room is fully furnished with lots of sweep-blocking furniture I would think you could do it in less than 200 sweeps.

Dan Fellars
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