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MP + Stills + Drone Video for Less Than $2002098

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

MP + Stills + Drone Video for Less Than $200

That headline is 'borrowed' from @danmorell in a discussion in the MUG Forum Thread: Commercial Drone Rules Change

While none of us imagine that anyone could ever make money by delivering a Matterport Spaces 3D Tour, and pro shot stills and drone video for less than $200, it does inspire the discussion about what you are doing to not be a commodity with race-to-the bottom pricing.

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What are you doing to differentiate your services?


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CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
This is an important conversation if you are hoping to charge enough to make a living. We spend the time to go through the housecurity and make sure that it is prepared, toilet seats down, lights on, shades in the most advantageous position for that room, etc. We also do a Facebook boost page from our business Facebook page branded to the agent. Other ideas for bringing value?
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
My 2 cents: you're not selling Matterport.

You're selling your time.

If you are new to this business, and you have the free time... you might want to consider low "introductory pricing" in the beginning.

Personally- if I already have a drone, a still camera and Matterport... I might take $200 for 4 hours work. Maybe you wouldn't. But would $200 five or six times a week be better then not working?

There are many possible benefits:

> You begin to grow a customer base
> You improve your skills
> You learn to create an efficient workflow, which you will need later when you're booked solid.
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dorlando private msg quote post Address this user
No way that is a sustainable business model, period. I wouldn't worry about those racing to the bottom. I can only speak for our market but there is a point in price, that would turn our clients off on that alone. We bring an element of professionalism and deliver an 'experience' with our productions that few companies can match. Most of our clients are the top 10% of the producers in our area and never even ask about price, they just send the address and ask that we get it done. They know we supply the goods better than anyone around and that's why they choose to deal with us.

Some things we find that help.

We include WP3D Models single property websites with all of our tours, for free. We are a production company first and no job is to big or small. We can give our clients anything they can dream up and all from one source. We offer professional photography. We offer professional videography and we are the leaders in UAV operation in our region. We use professional equipment and have a deep kit. We take customer service to the next level with our attention to detail, post work follow up and assistance in implementation. One key we always try to remember. When a house is owner occupied, we go in trying to completely win them over and make them take interest in what we are doing and show them our attention to detail. If we make the home owner happy, our client is happy and they look good as a result.
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dorlando private msg quote post Address this user
A note I just received this morning from a shoot we did last week.

"That’s wonderful! Thanks Drew – we loved you! You are always a welcome addition to our home. You are very talented!
Glad to know it was “audio jungle” that is hilarious! We must of listened to it 10 times! Not sure how we settled on orienteering!!
Have a wonderful day!!"

My client was cc'd on that e-mail and these happen all the time. This is what it is all about. Building a wall around your clients through good customer service and relationships that are not affected by dollar signs. The 'experience' builds the agents brand just as much as it does ours. Low ball agents that focus on price alone, are not even someone we are interested in doing business with. Build your walls and you can get selective on the work you perform. Let the bottom feeders eat each other alive.
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