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Matterport: What's That?2019

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
At a real estate conference in Atlanta today (17 June 2016), I sat a lunch with the trainer of a multi-office / 850 agent real estate firm.

After we exchanged some pleasantries about the conference and lunch, he asked what We Get Around did, I shared with him that we create 3D and Virtual Reality experiences using Matterport.

His re-action:

1. never head of Matterport
2. declined a demo of Matterport Virtual Reality

And, then he went on to explain that he is responsive for training all the agents. (Obviously I was astonished that the person in charge of educating agents declined a learning opportunity for himself.)

And, that was not the first real estate person at this conference that did not know about Matterport.

My takeaway:

1. The lack of knowledge of Matterport is still a challenge

2. Matterport needs to do the heavy-lifting to educate real estate agents about Matterport and help create demand.

3. Even after two years that I bought our first Matterport Camera, we are still at the beginning of the curve

By the way, I sat at a session with a broker that asked me a ton of questions about Matterport and what we charge. When we finished, he said he was planning to buy a camera for his brokerage. (How many times has that happened to you?)

What else? Is is a good thing that many potential clients have never heard of Matterport?

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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Two things. Do you really want matterport to educate them? Matterport says its so easy to do that a real estate agent can do it when usually they don't have the passion for photography and is doing as a means to an end.

Is it a good thing they dont know....It IS a good thing because that gets you, the matterport professional, the first perspective and prepping them that they will be sold its easy and not be told of the time it takes and the time required to make it.

Then when they hear of the matterport hype its "oh yeah Dan told me they would say that and they are not fully disclosing all the work one has to do..."

If I can get their first and set up the conversation and block the propaganda and have it seen for what it is (which when they hear what I said they would say and NOT disclose it adds value to my position to use a professional) then it makes it easier to get them and keep them

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