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Start Point to Minimize Stitching Errors1959

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I think this has been covered before but can't find the post.

Does anyone know where the camera should start (what direction it should be pointed in) if you are concerned about stitching errors in certain places?

For example, I don't recall where the camera was pointed in the screen shot below. If I had the camera aimed there to begin with, would that have given me an error-free image? Or do I have to point it to the left or right to let it take an image when turning the circle?

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I want the still shot to be full screen for the most difficult spots rather than sticrchin across two of the images.

This usually means aiming the side of the camera to the difficult spot and the handle facing 180-degrees away.

Clear as mud?

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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Yes. That makes sense to me. Side of camera faces area I am worried will have the stitching area and want to be full screen. I get it.

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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
FWIW: I've been seeing errors like this a lot recently, and I don't think they are the result of stitching errors. Matterport appears to be doing something that involves combinging or filtering the panos together with the model somehow, and it is causing errors like this. I see this error a lot around toilets and countertops. I think the model of the counter/vanity edge is interfering with the image of the toilet behind it.

I see similar errors when the viewpoint is in a doorway, and something about the model of the door frame interferes with the image behind it.

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