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Matterport Enters Australian Market1878

Mikesobay private msg quote post Address this user
I'm curious of the Australian MP photographers' reaction to this announcement that MP is entering the OZ market.

Matterport Continues Global Expansion by Bringing Immersive Media to Australia
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360Verbeelding private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry guys but what do you think of the Numbers tha MP is talking about. A bitbof the charge don't you think.
Its tells a lot about MP way the advertice them selve.

Grtz Rene.
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Marcel private msg quote post Address this user
We all knew the risk of purchasing Matterport. We knew one day there will be tons of competition from both photographers and Matterport directly.

But in AUS all real estate marketing is vendor paid. I wonder if there is an incentive for agents to pay that kind of money on a camera and spend their time onsite doing the scan themselves. Labour costs in AU are extremely high and its cheaper/easier to just get a photographer to do the scan.

Anyway, we just have to adapt and move forward. Sooo many opportunities still to be had with this great technology.
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Biggles private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Marcel, we have been lucky to get in ahead of the game, soon others will catch up. From what I've seen on the forums the uses of the Matterport is only limited by your imagination, there are endless possibilities. It is a great advance in digital photography.
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Shane private msg quote post Address this user
Agree also with Marcel. Vendor pays. Agents like the idea of the Matterport Scan but don't see it as their cost nor understand how it sets them apart from others. I worry about my investment as the Scanning is the only service I offer. No use getting into photography as the market is already covered. It will only be a short time that the large photographic companies buy into the Matterport scanning and offer as another of their packaged deals to realtors.

Again, as Marcel said, there are some great opportunities for the use of Matterport Scans just have to find the fringe markets. Maybe as the Matterport scans are more prevalent in real estate the broader community will have a better understanding which will make it more easily understood when I'm hustling into other types of businesses, that I know will be over the moon with the results if only they understood what is is and how it fits into their existing marketing.
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