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More than one parameter1824

3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
I understand how a parameter can be added at the end to autoplay showcase

My question is can you have 2 eg autoplay followed by help

I have tried adding &play=1&help=1 to the end of the url but only autoplay works, am I missing something?


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marswalker private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks. I had this question as well
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Mikesobay private msg quote post Address this user
You might try the following, I think the addition of the semi-colon to separate them is the trick:

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3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Mike

Thanks but when I try that neither work

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Mikesobay private msg quote post Address this user
Odd that it works for me. It auto loads and shows the help screen even if you've seen the model previously (and I also stripped out the branding in this case as well).

Edit: Seems help (;&help=1) should be the final parameter, otherwise it doesn't seem to come up...

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walk360 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, This is a dull question... but what do you mean with "parameters" in this case?

In what case do you use the ;&help=1 for?
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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all...

If you want to add multiple parameters, there should be an ampersand "&" between each one, but there is no need for a semicolon.

@walk360 - The "HELP" parameter forces the model help screen/popup to show on each view of the model. Otherwise, this information only appears the very first time you view a Matterport model.

So this would be a properly formatted multi-parameter URL:

NOTE: I don't believe that the order of the parameters makes any difference, as this appears to produces the same result for me ("help" and "brand" order swapped):


A list of all possible "parameters" is here:

Also, note that WP3D Models offers very easy checkboxes to add/enable any of these features for any of the models you add to your site.

Hope this helps!
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