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Realtor/Matterporter Asks (Anonymously)175

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
A Matterport User Group Forum member – whom is also a Realtor – gave me an okay to post this question anonymously ....


Hi Dan,

[...] I am just a simple Realtor that does a lot of residential volume. I [view Matterport] as an opportunity to increase my presence, win more listings, and wow my clients and customers.

I also have lofty ideas of selling this service to new home builders to feature their model homes, as well as other agents with luxury listings or maybe the normal listing that wants to go next level.

I'm in a unique situation as I am pretty sure I have the only camera in my general area [...].

I am by no means a photographer...How should I price this service out? Im running numbers on cost per scan, the hosting fee, my hourly wage etc. I don't want to give this away, but I don't want to price myself out either.

As you probably know change takes a while to sink in, sticker shock may overpower the Awe factor of this cool technology.

Part of me wants to make some bucks for down time, the other part says "dude your not a photog, so don't act like one!" So I wrestle with the idea of not charging much to secure the builders business, get my name on the listing agreement and perhaps line my pockets with long term relationships and commission from transactions.

Sorry for the long read...I just wanted to get some insight from a guy on the other side of the fence. What are your thoughts and pricing practices? I spent a lot of years in [...] sales, and there was always a crack in the damn that bottomed out pricing. I hated it! So i don't want to be that guy.



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your insight. Feel free to modify and post this...

It would be interesting to get thoughts from all over the world.

Each of us have this cool toy...more will have it eventually.

The best question is how do we capitalize on our innovative reasoning to purchase so ahead of the game.

I think more and more photographers will purchase....

Realtors on the other hand are notoriously cheap, so I think I have some time there.
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YairYepez private msg quote post Address this user
Food for thought for our anonymous friend:

"dude your not a photog, so don't act like one!" - That is 1600's thinking. Internet turned inventors into business persons, hobbyists into youtube celebrities, lawyer majors into investment bankers, high school students in africa into MIT level mechanical engineers.

Dude, you are not a photog, so what!? Do it, and have fun making a few bucks with it! Good luck!
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Tim private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not a photographer, but we opted to charge less in order to do more for the exposure...
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