Matterport How to Training Videos by MUG Forum Members

As Matterport adds more features to Workshop - that's good thing - the learning curve gets steeper.

I have reached out to the Matterport User Group Forum Community to help crowdsource the creation of a library of "how to videos" - viewable free for MUG Members by 1 June 2016. (Not a Member? MUG Membership is free. Join us!)

Here Are the How to Topics I Have Requested

✓ How to enable and order 2D Schematic Floor Plans
✓ How to edit About section
✓ How to share (links, embed code, branded, non-branded)
✓ How to add and remove Collaborators (including when/why)
✓ How to tour of Model Statistics
✓ How to create and change the Start Location
✓ How to create a Tour
✓ How to create a Highlights Reel
✓ How to add Mattertag Posts
✓ How to create Snapshots
✓ How to Measure in Floor Plan View
✓ How to Measure in Mesh View
✓ How to Label
✓ How to Hide (and unhide a scan)
✓ How to toggle between Views (Mesh/Inside/Dollhouse/Floor Plan)
✓ How to toggle between Floors
✓ How to toggle between Views and Floors
✓ How to change Snapshot Image Size and Measurements
✓ How to create Folders and move Matterport Spaces
✓ How to search models
✓ How to change the default Upload folder
✓ How to make models Public and Private (in two places in workshop)
✓ How to change various Account Settings
✓ How to Sort Display of Models
✓ How to adjust the size of the embed window
✓ How to always show / not show floors
✓ How to enable auto-start
✓ How to alway show / always hide Navigation help
✓ How to enable plans during Guided Tour
✓ How to enable a looped Guided Tour
✓ How to enable / disable fullscreen viewing
✓ How to show / hide the blue path in Guided Tours
✓ How to enable Autostart of Guided Tour w/ a delayed onset interval
✓ How to enable Autostart of Slideshow, w/ a delayed onset interval
✓ How to keep the Highlight Reel Displayed upon launch
✓ How to download .obj File
✓ How to workaround known issue

Other topics you would like how to training videos?

Please add them to this thread.