Real Estate Agents: How to Get Started with Matterport

A consultant that helps real estate agents succeed faster writes me:

"I have a real estate agent in [city] that wants a version of Video B .... How can I facilitate that?"

This is a great example of a real estate agent getting started with Matterport Spaces 3D Tours.

I wrote back that the agent can order Video B – customized with the agent's contact info and company logo – and, once ordered also order this special offer video (generic).

Another option for a real estate agent that would like to get started with Matterport, is to order the ...

We Get Around
Essential Launch Marketing Tool Kit
for Matterport Service Providers

... to trick-out the agent's website:

1. Embedding examples Matterport Spaces 3D Tours
2. Embedding "iPad videos" of Matterport Spaces
3. Embedding .GIFs of Matterport Spaces
4. Embedding 2D schematic floor plan examples
5. Creating a Single Property Website (example)
6. Posting a monthly blog post with agent's info (example)
7. Branding a "leave behind brochure" for the agent
8. Even include a We Get Around badge | example | options |

Plus, three "pins" - profiles - on the We Get Around Referral Network Map.

How else can agents embrace Matterport – even before buying a Matterport Camera and related gear and accessories or Engaging a Pro?


Video: Free Matterport 3D Tour + a Dozen Roses (E4-Video B)